game night

game night

We got a new board game this Christmas; it’s based on one of the boys’ (and my :) favorite kids’ books – The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Mr. Eric Carle.

So the other night after the dishes were in the sink, we had game night!  Collecting the tokens, moving the spaces, realizing that our two year old instinctively makes ninja fighting sounds when he spins the spinner Рit was a pretty fun actually :)

This game was simple enough that even Ethan could play without much help.  In fact, he beat us all on his own, fair and square!

I feel like I should say something super motherly like we’re teaching the boys about good sportsmanship or that they’re learning how to take turns (which of course they are!), but honestly, it’s just fun hanging out with them :)

Here’s to many more game nights :)

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