free lensing

A couple weeks ago I posted about Branden and I going to a leadership conference in Tucson, AZ.  It was such a huge blessing to go and learn about the book of Joshua and godly leadership!  Here was our group, all 27 of us!

Right before we left, a photographer friend of mine had told me about something called “free lensing.”  I had never tried it before, but it basically mimics a type of lens called a tilt shift lens.  If you’ve never heard of them, they’re really cool; you can find more info on them here.  When you free lens, one small portion of the image is in focus while the rest of it is blurred. It’s always fun to try new things with photography, keep things fresh and interesting!  I’m definitely going to be using this technique more! Here are some of my favorites from the trip!

My awesome cousin and some of our group grabbing a bite after one of the evening sessions:

The hubster 🙂

I love this picture of these sweet gals.  Seriously, free lensing is so cool!

The lunch table – I really like these blue rimmed glasses!

 A blessing to worship with Mr. Evan Wickham!

Anytime Branden and/or I take a trip away from the boys, we bring along a toy for each of them and take pictures wherever we go.  Here is Night Crawl (Silas’ dog) and Simeon (a little creature Ethan made for me out of a pipe cleaner and wiggly eyes 🙂  We took pictures of them wherever we went that week, including this one at the donut shop on our way out of town, such good morning sunshine!

And last but not least, this image of a really cool rest stop on the road trip back!  Seriously, it was made up of forts!  The boys would have loved that!

So free lensing…my new favorite photography obsession 🙂 So cool!

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