R is for rainbows

hi friendly friends!  i bet you thought this post was about rainbows huh?  nope, just a homeschool post.  there are still pictures of my adorable children doing activities with the letter “Rr” though, so don’t be too sad 🙂

for this week’s memory verse, we studied james 4:7 which says, “submit yourselves, then, to God. resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  my boys are all into playing good guys vs. bad guys, so learning that there was a way to make the devil flee from them made them pretty happy!

okay, on to those pictures i was talking about…

this is silas doing some handwriting practice.  the other pic is of his stuffed toy which he affectionately calls “night crawl” because according to silas, it crawls…in the night.  logical but creepy.  anyways, night crawl hung out on the corner of the bench while we did school.

i love the simplicity of this picture

silas was in kind of a goofy mood…you’ll see.  here he’s putting together a puzzle.

i think he’s making a mustache with his fingers?  i don’t know.  like it said, goofy.

okay, ethan’s turn.  here he is counting dots and putting the correct number of clothes pins on each card.  nothing like a few clothes pin exercises to stretch those fine motor skills 🙂

well, for the letter “R” we also made our own rocket launcher!  but i’ll save that for the next post 🙂

until then, think rainbows!

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