little book worm

hey friends, i haven’t posted in almost a week; things have been busy around here lately.  i found this post today that i’d started way back when ethan was only two (seems like so long ago!)  anyways, a couple months old, but still good so i thought i’d share since he’s still just as adorable 🙂  enjoy!

we read a lot of books in our house (correction: i read while two munchkins listen!)  silas is reading some too these days.  i’ve always enjoyed literature, though i don’t have much time for recreational reading these days :/  i knew that i wanted my kiddos to grow up loving books too – not just a good story, but reading – holding written words in your hands, discovering new ideas and adventures with every page.  in a world where you can google and download information instantly, i hope that our boys will still enjoy sitting down to a good book.

here’s how i found ethan the other day, all by himself on his bedroom floor near the bookshelf

he doesn’t know how to read yet (i think that fire truck book was upside down 🙂  but little man race car pajamas and bare feet with a book in his hands?  it makes a mama smile 🙂

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