it’s about people, people.

It’s been cold here.  Real cold.  Like twenty below, don’t go outside, leave the faucets dripping kind of cold.  We like Colorado a lot, and all four of its glorious seasons, we really do.  But man it’s been cold!

Okay, I’m done whining 🙂 I’m thankful for a warm home and three sweet fellas that make our time indoors (and out!) enjoyable!

We’re about to head out of town – our first real trip for Wit & Folly Productions!  Woohoo!  We’re excited, and nervous, but mostly excited.  In the last few weeks, inquiries for Wit & Folly have started trickling in.  It’s awesome and still I find myself constantly thinking through logistics, crunching numbers, trying to organize dates and schedules in my head.  It’s easy for me to get distracted.  Anyone else in that boat?

In my time with the Lord, He’s been so gracious to show me where my focus needs to be, where His heart is.  It’s about people.  Always has been, always will be.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to think about numbers or figure out schedules, but why am I doing it?  For me, talking about numbers quickly turns to finances.  Thinking (or for me, worrying) about finances becomes this filter with which I look at things, ministry opportunities, our time, decisions.  Money equals groceries and gas in the car and bills being paid.  Sure, I want to do ministry and serve, but when it comes down to it, what makes my decisions?  Do I trust that the Lord has got us covered?  And when I don’t know all the answers, am I tempted to make things happen for myself?

So the Lord is teaching me, constantly, His heart is people.  People, people, people.  A couple years ago, when I was wrestling with the decision to pull back from doing photography full time, I remember the Lord telling me to focus on my family, on ministry, that something had to give.  And I argued  shared with the Lord that doing photography was my way of helping out with our finances.  He asked me, when He was living on the earth, what decisions did He make according to money?

(long silence while I realize how foolish my thinking was 🙁

It’s about Jesus, and His love for people.  It’s about people, people.

I want to be like Jesus 🙂  I want to see everything – people, situations, opportunities, the way He does.  I want Jesus to by my lens.

And my sweet Shepherd, instead of rebuking me, encourages – these things that I’m so easily distracted by, so worried about – He always has and always will take care of.  It’s silly for me to worry, crazy even, in light of all God has done.  I need to focus.

Maybe you don’t worry about the numbers.  Maybe your focus is on a certain relationship, what others think about you, even work or a hobby you want to have enough time for.  Do they become a distraction?  God wants us to be stayed on Him, and the things that are close to His heart.

And you know what?  There’s lots to rejoice in!  How He’s taken us step by step, showing Himself faithful, leading us – leading us in this new ministry!  He’s opened doors and blown us away over and over with things that we wouldn’t have been able to do for ourselves.  I can say this with certainty, just like this song I love, He’s never failed, and He won’t start now.  The future is hopeful, because He is our hope.

If you remember, would you pray for us?  For safe travels and that the boys (and Branden and I!) do well on the road.  For all the things that go into traveling and going from place to place?  And would you pray that our hearts would be still, steady, abiding in Jesus.  That we would see the people He places in front of us, with His eyes, His heart.  That we wouldn’t get distracted.  These are the things I’m praying 🙂

I’m trying to think of a fun way to document this trip!  Maybe a picture a day, or some video if I can figure that out 🙂  Hopefully I can think of something creative and share our adventure with you!  Anyways, thanks so much friends, for praying and reading this blog and loving on us, it means a lot 🙂  See you on the road!

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