about those birthday pictures…

So do you remember way back in April when our Little Man turned 3?  Yeah, I thought, “I should wait until September to post his birthday pictures because I’m awesome!”  Okay, for reals, I’ve had them ready for a while, I’m just a slacker with the blogging lately, something I hope to remedy in a few months!

Okay, so onto those adorable pictures of my not so baby Baby (insert sad violin music here 🙁

Someone hand me a Kleenex…alright, this is my favorite.  Because, well, look at it!  Ethan’s got his own personality, his own style 🙂  He’s such a funny kid, seriously!  This is his real, completely happy, everyday, laugh out loud face  and I love it!

Alright, just so you get an idea of that little personality, here are a few more…totally Ethan!

“Mom, are we done yet?”

The day we went to do pictures, I of course had to snap some of this guy (who will be FIVE in a couple days!!  Seriously, who authorized these kids to grow up so fast?!?!)

So funny 🙂

I love that he shrugs his shoulders when he’s really laughing!

We also took some cousin pictures.  We miss these guys so much now that they’ve moved to a different state!

Well, that’s about it!  Of course we do have another birthday about to happen, so you can expect a set of bday pictures in like, I don’t know, maybe six months!!  Hopefully not 🙂

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