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next month ethan turns 3 – i’m trying not to think about it too much yet 🙁  i figured this year we could get away without throwing him a real party, but the second i started talking (quietly) about what we might do – like maybe a little family thing – big brother silas piped up and informed ethan that birthdays mean parties and parties are the best!

great, thanks son.

so, no surprise, ethan was easily talked into wanting a robot party (guess who convinced him)  ethan really does love robots too, so here we go pinterest…whatayagot?

i really do enjoy putting together parties (i’m one of those stress loving people 🙂  here’s what i’ve got so far:

aren’t these adorable?  i know how to make fondant and these actually wouldn’t be that hard!


this is more elaborate, but sooooo cute, right?


robot costumes


we could use these for decor?  gotta start collecting empty soup cans!


tattoos that make your hand into a robot puppet?  it’s like these were made for the treu home!


i’m not sure what to do with this at a party, but branden says he can make one (bonus for having a talented hubster :).  maybe for the boys’ room?  yes, they want a robot room too 🙂


well, that’s it so far.  anyone have any fantastic (possibly robotic) birthday party ideas for a baby i mean toddler i mean little boy?  okay seriously, i’m gonna be that mom that calls him “my baby” for forever!

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