day 4

~  day 4  ~

Just over a year ago, the Lord was stirring us to start serving in church again.  We had taken a break after having our youngest son, but Branden and I both felt like it was time to step up and get back into some consistent ministry.  Little did we know that as we started praying, the Lord had something so specific in mind!

Our church had just started talking about opening a second campus.  Our pastor had a vision to reach the area of Denver with a satellite location.  When we told the pastors we thought it was time to start serving again, we were surprised when they told us to go back and pray more about it.  Really?  Weren’t there any places to serve?  But we prayed again and the Lord was clear – He wanted us to serve, and in a way that we hadn’t already, in a bigger way than we had been before taking a break.

We came back to them leadership and told the what the Lord had said.  They told us that they had already been praying about us specifically, even before we came to them the first time, to oversee the children’s ministry at the new campus.  Still, they didn’t assume we would be committed, but asked us to pray more, this time about this specific opportunity.  We came back to the Lord, and with no surprise, He said to go forward and serve in this new and exciting way!

We’ve been serving at the satellite campus for over a year now, and I can honestly say that it has been nothing but a blessing 🙂  Whatever sacrifices we’ve made (which don’t really seem like many) have been completely overshadowed by the sweetness that comes from working with the Lord and His people.  There’s been a lot of transition and growing in the last year, but we’ve gained friendships and built relationships and seen the Lord work in real and personal ways.

I took this picture this morning of the class I get to lead.  We are blessed to be a part of discipling these precious kiddos each week!  Today I am thankful, to know that we are where the Lord wants us, and for the privilege of serving the littlest of His flock.  May we never take it for granted.

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