day 29

~  day 29  ~

I am thankful for family traditions!  Last year we started doing an advent calendar.  Every day in December we countdown to Christmas and do something fun to celebrate the season!  Here is a repost of my post last year.  This year I think we’ll add snow globe making and a night time stroll with hot chocolate!  Anyone else doing an advent calendar?


Hello friendly friends 🙂  Welcome to December!! (crazy how fast the year went by, right?)  This year we are doing an advent calendar in anticipation for Christmas!  My kiddos are at an age where traditions are super fun, so we’re ready to make some memories!

I had an idea of what I wanted and I’m happy to say it turned out pretty much exactly how I pictured it!  Here is our calendar:

I bedazzled some clothespins with scrapbook paper 🙂  Not much to it, but I’ll try to do a tutorial sometime soon.  Super cute right?  I love clothespins, instant vintage and so useful!

I bought a pack of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby.  40% off!  I knew I needed a bunch of paper; buying a pack ensured everything would coordinate!  Making these envelopes wasn’t hard either.  I’ll post a tutorial; I really like how they came together!

Each envelope is numbered (stamps are another favorite in our home 🙂 and has a piece of paper inside telling what we get to do that day.  December 1st – decorate the Christmas tree!!  Yay!!

While Branden strung the lights on the tree, I took some fun pics of the boys 🙂

Here is Silas trying to make Ethan laugh by tickling him 🙂

Just in case you were wondering, here’s what’s on our calendar:

  1. decorate the tree
  2. watch the movie “elf” (my favorite 🙂
  3. buy family presents (just for the four of us)
  4. wrap family presents
  5. make christmas cookies
  6. put up the nativity set
  7. hang stockings
  8. make a gift for daddy
  9. watch the veggie tales movie “saint nicholas”
  10. read “god gave us christmas”
  11. make homemade ice cream
  12. read “a charlie brown christmas”
  13. hang mistletoe
  14. learn about and eat candy canes
  15. drive around and see christmas lights
  16. make a gingerbread house
  17. drink caramel apple cider
  18. make paper snowflakes
  19. make another present
  20. make christmas pancakes
  21. watch a christmas movie
  22. drink hot cocoa
  23. go sledding
  24. read the christmas story
  25. celebrate jesus’ birthday!!
alrighty, until next time, happy getting ready for christmas!

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