a letter to our camry

Dear Camry ~ our transportation, our ride, our prize chariot,

Thank you for all your faithful service.  You started carrying us around more than ten years ago; crazy to think it’s really been that long.  You’ve taken us to work, the grocery store, to church, moved us across state lines, driven us around town, and anywhere else we’ve needed to go.  You brought us to the hospital when I went into labor, and you carried our babies safely home.  You stuck with us through the holidays and drives to visit every relative in the country.  You’ve heard our laughter as well as our difficult conversations.  Through the years we’ve seen a lot of repairs, but you’ve always bounced back to drive another day.

Thank you for serenading us with music, enduring the weather when we couldn’t turn back, and putting up with the cheerios and Lego pieces in the backseat. Thanks for all the trips, all the memories.  And thank you for holding out until we made it back home from our long trip last week.

I know one day soon, we’ll have to say goodbye, but we’ve had some good times my friend, good times.  You will surely be missed.

Much love,

The Treu Family

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