i cut my hair…a lot

So, I’ve been wanting to do a post on my haircut (which i got done a couple of weeks ago 🙂  I was going to have Branden take a couple of pictures, but it just hasn’t worked out, so I just did a couple myself (thank you camera phone!)

Anyways, I hadn’t gotten it cut since last September and it was starting to look like I had gotten lost in the wilderness for a while – for reals!  It was soooo long!

Here is the before pic that Branden snapped on my way to the salon.  Yay for an awkward picture of myself!

It’s kind of a long story, but I actually got it cut three times, because the lady didn’t want to REALLY cut it.  She thought I might have a heart attack if she did what I was asking her to do.  So she cut it Thursday…

Then again on Friday…

She really WOULD NOT cut it anymore, so my friend hooked me up and finished the job on Saturday 🙂  Here’s what it looks like now! (photo bomb courtesy of our littlest ninja)

And a few more because silly faces with your boy are fun 🙂

So, no heart attack 🙂  I really love short hair – it’s so much fun!  And I don’t look like I was lost in the wilderness anymore!  My hair grows super fast, so I’m sure it’ll look different in about 5 minutes, but the change is really nice!

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