Still playing a little summer catch up around here (I promise there are only a couple more warm weather posts to go!)  Today we’re talking about August, which is a kind of a busy month for us.  My birthday is at the beginning and our anniversary is about a week after that!

This year I said “adios!” to my twenties.  Maybe it sounds silly, but I honestly felt like turning thirty was a big deal!  When I think of being a twenty-something, it’s like you’re young, still figuring things out, there’s a little bit of wiggle room.  Being thirty is not this way!  Now I’m a grown up!  No room for those childish shenanigans!  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me 🙂

Anyways, Branden an I have this agreement.  His birthday is in February, the month of valentines and mushiness 🙂  So in February, he takes care of Valentines Day and I take care of his birthday.  In August, he has my birthday and I take care of our anniversary.  I really like our system, gives us both a chance to plan a date and makes it so one person (ahem…me) doesn’t end up planning everything.  It’s a win-win!

I wanted to share a few pics from our birthday and anniversary outings.  For my bday, Branden got a sitter and took me to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden!  Yay!!  (That was me cheering for pasta and breadsticks 🙂  Then we went to an amusement park called Lakeside.  This park has been here for decades so it kind of looks like an old school carnival!  Unfortunately it started to rain the minute we got there :/  So, we took a few pictures (thank you camera phone) and enjoyed a quiet, ninja-free car ride home – still relaxing 🙂

I think this is super funny 🙂

I also want to add that Branden was super thoughtful and bought me a cd AND a record (that’s right, vinyl baby!) of my absolute favorite band – All Sons and Daughters!  I had gotten a record player over the summer and we’ve been enjoying it so much.  Music just sounds better coming from a record player!

Okay, onward!  About a week later, we celebrated our 12th anniversary!!  I know!  Crazy to think about how little we were when we got married.  I had literally just popped out of an egg.  Just kidding.  But I had just turned 18.  That’s a baby folks, seriously.  No wonder my mom was angry concerned!

Anyways, 12 years married calls for sushi and a ballgame!  Here are a few shots from our night –

So my friends, that was August!  A little growing up, a little baseball, a lot of great food – that’s how we do it!  Here’s to many more adventures with this amazing man and our two little ninjas!

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