summer days

It’s crazy to me that it’s already the middle of November!  Thanksgiving is a week and a half away and stores are already decorating for Christmas!  Part of me feels like it was just summer, but in another way, it feels like those warm days were so long ago.  There’s a lot I wanted to post from this summer – big things, little things, everyday happenings that I just want to remember.  Sometimes I get in this rut of only taking pictures when something big is happening.  You know, like birthday pictures or other events.  I’m learning though, that real life happens in the everyday.  It’s our conversations, how you interact, the way our kids look and talk that we don’t want to forget.

This summer was busy; it seemed like so much was happening.  In the in-between days, I tried to take my camera out and just capture some everyday life.  Branden helped some friends of ours with work around their yard this summer. A few times, he took the boys and let them play in the sprinklers.  Little boys with swimming trunks and squirt guns – summer at its finest!  Here are a few shots from one of our sprinkler days.

Ethan loves bugs.  Bugs and dinosaurs and rocks and sticks and being outside.  But ladybugs are his favorite 🙂

I love this face 🙂  Such concern for this tiny fragile creature.

I’m thankful for photography – for a way to freeze time and create this tangible way to remember our days, even the beautiful, mundane, just playing in the sprinklers kind of day 🙂

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