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If you’re still following along, the next stop on our Texas/Mississippi tour was to a city called Hurst – one of the “mid-cities” between Dallas and Fort Worth.  This is the city that Branden and I moved to so long ago when we first got married and started doing ministry together!  No literally, we got married in Colorado and drove down to Texas to start our lives together just two days later.  I had just turned 18 the week before!  Jesus is so gracious to us!

Anyways, the church we served at allowed us to come in and do a day of training for their children’s ministry workers as well as a family service for their congregation that Sunday.  It was a huge blessing to get to come back and serve there!  We got to stay in Hurst a few extra days too, which meant also getting to hang out and eat with visit with people, which was awesome!

The training day was a lot of fun!  We came in and got to partner with their children’s ministry, teaching about things like puppetry and classroom management.  This is something that Branden has been traveling and doing for years with other companies, so getting to come in and teach for Wit & Folly was really cool!  I’ll be teaching too, but he carried most of the weight that day.  I got some pictures of him in action 🙂

He’s such a great teacher 🙂

And no surprise, but he had them in stitches 🙂

Over the three weeks we were gone, our little family stayed in three hotels, three guest rooms, and a camper!  And we were in the car for about 40 hours!  We were all excited to go, but I was kind of worried about how everyone would do – kids and adults!  I think sometimes we just like routine, you know?  I’ll say that after the first two weeks, I could tell that the boys were starting to get a little crazy, like maybe a night in their own bed or a day with their own toys would have done them good.  But for the most part, I was surprised at how well we did!  And it was honestly such a blessing to get to travel together and be with people, hanging out with old friends, making new ones.

Here’s us, after doing school in one of the hotel rooms.  It honestly just felt kind of normal, which I feel great about 🙂

Well, that’s it for today 🙂  Next post will have pictures of our visit to the Fort Worth Stock Yards!  Thanks for following along and reading!

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