34 / 52 – Along the way…

Just over six weeks out y’all.  Whew!  Some days seem overwhelming, but we’re excited and ready to go!  Along the way we’ve gotten to know so many amazing people – pastors and families, people loving and serving the Lord and His people all along the front range and beyond!

I’m thankful that this road has not been a lonely one and that on the way to Ireland, the Lord has allowed us to link arms with those who would see His Kingdom grow!  We thought it would be fun to kind of document this season with selfies 🙂  We didn’t get them all, but these are most of the churches we got to visit in the last six months.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone that’s allowed us to come and share and who’ve made us realize that in Christ, we have a large and precious family!

 10245305_10208905454463096_5235757736354042931_n12717906_10208681640867896_4706542742840135779_n 12717906_10208681640867896_4706542742840135779_n 12744615_10208732330135096_1629430126929673134_n 12799215_10208783809102038_7000662143537201983_n 12923311_10209181190636328_3703026139025480195_n 13051536_10209359991906248_445709479006154075_n 13076720_10209390468148135_5456344322839974842_n 13082503_10209397523484514_5002713548760774535_n 13094218_10209359992586265_7635142311145186925_n 13221514_10209551522414391_4699692452710873098_n 13232875_10209500152050164_3735396094085801337_n 13332972_10209660590381022_3651116378528530253_n 13445776_10209771720279200_3481087768652664780_n 13466532_10209781039632178_7226521848506563895_n 13528974_10209893895133495_4974523993506014175_n

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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