Project 52

Psalm 90:12 says, “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Last year I started a project of taking and posting a picture everyday for 100 days.  Sadly at around day 60 or so, I stopped posting and never finished the project :/  No excuses, but honestly, I couldn’t keep up.  Life just got too crazy and amazing and busy and I couldn’t make a picture happen every day.  I really enjoyed it and it made me slow down and see and celebrate things I probably would have missed!  Every single day was just too much for me though.

So, today I’m starting a new project, one I hope to complete 🙂  It’s a Project 52 – at least one picture that really represents our lives each week, for the year.  Knowing me it will probably be a crazy amount of pictures each post because I take way too many when I actually do pick up my real camera 🙂  If you want to follow along, I’d love the company and you can help keep me accountable!  Maybe I’ll actually finish and make a big beautiful book that says “2016” on it next January!

These images are from this last November.  Once we got back from our scouting trip to Ireland and knew that the Lord was calling us to serve there full time, I wanted to get some family pictures done!  I knew we’d need them for making things like ministry cards, and I also wanted some with our family right now in Colorado.  This is a year of transition for us – Rocky Mountains to the Emerald Isle!  My sweet friend Lisa agreed to come out and shoot with me on super short notice!  Any that I’m in are from her camera; the rest are mine.  I’m so grateful for these images and to have pictures documenting us as we are today.

This kid – eight going on seventeen!

I love this group of pictures – the many faces of Silas 🙂www.treuimage.comAnd this little chicken nugget!

I can already see him as a 14 year old :/

My baby 🙂  He’s such a funny kid!
www.treuimage.comAnd of course,

This is where Lisa makes us look a million times better than we actually do!

This guy though, he makes me laugh every day 🙂

#socool #hipsters #nosmiling

Okay, week 1/52 done!  I’m excited to document all the Lord will do in our family this year!

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