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  • a little r & r

    Last week Branden had surgery.  He injured his right shoulder a couple of months ago.  I don’t know much about medical stuff, but basically they used a scope and instruments to sew down a big chunk of torn/misplaced cartilage (gross, i know) Here’s us waiting for the surgery to start last Tuesday morning.  I really like this picture of us, especially Ethan’s face 🙂 So for the last seven days…

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  • 60 years together

    I’ve been married for eleven years (and counting!)  I can say that in that time, the Lord has used my marriage to help me grow in a lot of ways (especially since I was pretty much a baby when I got hitched!)  I honestly feel like I’m not even the same person I was 11 years ago!  I’m so thankful for my husband, for all the Lord has taken us…

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  • “Tt” is for Tower

    So we finished up the alphabet in homeschooling a couple of weeks ago (we were doing one a week)!  I still wanted to share some of the cool stuff we did 🙂  For the letter “Tt” we memorized Proverbs 3:5 which says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  Now there’s a verse the Lord has been using in my life lately!…

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  • “o” is for octopus!

    hello all!  i wanted to share a craft we did for the letter “o!”  it’s very easy, so no excuses for all you scaredy-crafters out there (you like that?  i just made that up 🙂  okay, here’s what you’ll need: a sheet of construction (or really any kind) of paper crayons or other coloring utensils wiggly eyes (we have kind with adhesive backing…oooo, fancy!) elmer’s glue a pair of scissors…

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  • Hippos and Inchworms

    So I know I haven’t done a homeschool post in a while… A couple weeks ago things got kinda crazy in our house.  I’ve debated about sharing details on the blog and haven’t really reached a conclusion, so I’ll wait for now.  Just know that the Lord is so faithful and good to us 🙂 He has us in definite transition mode right now.  It’s a challenging place to be,…

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