Just what we needed…

Hello Friends!  Our family just finished our first official vacation yesterday (actually staycation since we stayed here in Denver) and it was just what we needed!  I really wanted to take some pictures during our time off the grid, and I thought I’d share them with you!  Most of these were taken with my camera phone, not the greatest quality, but it was super handy since I already had it on me and I really like the app I have on it 🙂
So here we go!  Just a heads up though, there are A LOT of pictures!
This vacation really started as a way to celebrate Branden and my 10 year anniversary!  Seriously, how did time go by that fast?!  Branden and I have a system when it comes to planning special dates: I take care of his birthday while he takes care of Valentines (both in February) and he takes care of my birthday while I take care of our anniversary which are both in August.  Awesome right? 🙂
So for our actual anniversary on the 11th, I had a grand ol’ plan: I surprised Branden at work (actually it totally scared him when he walked up to the pick up and I was sitting in it 🙂
I took him to Washington Park downtown where we first met.  We rented a paddle boat and we had a picnic (insert swoon here 🙂
You rent the boat for an hour, so for an hour we ate and hung out and paddled (well Branden did most of that 🙂  We also did our Joshua basket, a project/activity based off of Joshua 4.  This is a really special way to remember all the important events in your life…more on that later!
Okay, anyways, here’s us on the boat…super cool with our life jackets on 🙂
Then we went to a little ice cream shop (hey, it’s my anniversary too right?  Dessert is a must!)  It was a really good night 🙂
The next day was Friday and we packed up our little family for a camping trip!  
My parents and sister and her boyfriend all went too – the more the merrier right?

Time for a hike!
The boys have this thing right now where they pick every flower in sight and give it to me.  It is super sweet, but it was a little much when we were surrounded by tons of wildflowers!

Why does he look so big here?!
Gime s’more love!

Branden and I, my Dad, sister and her boyfriend also got to go white water rafting while we were up there!  I don’t have those pics yet since they were all taken on my Dad’s waterproof camera, but we had a lot of fun and got super wet!
After driving home, we had a couple days with the boys.  Got in some quality time at the pool!

This thing that Ethan is wearing is like a body suit with the life jacket thing already inside.  
It made him look like a superhero with all that padding 🙂

 Ethan and I chilling in the lawn chair 🙂
That night we took the boys to a baseball game.  I’m sure you can imagine, not the easiest thing with a 2 and 3 year old, but they did pretty good and last about three hours 🙂

This kid cracks me up!
Had to buy a couple $4 ice cream cones :/  Ah, the price of building memories!

 My love and I 🙂

The next day we took the boys to Lakeside, an old amusement park where kids can ride unlimited carnival rides for $6…um yes please!  They had a blast and we were solidified as the most amazing parents of the year 🙂
 Their favorite ride: fly in a rocket ship and shoot other rocket ships…i think they rode 6 times!
 Dinner at their favorite bbq place!  Silas actually said, “This tastes so good I don’t wanna stop eating!!”
After stopping in the park to meet up with our home fellowship group for a birthday party, we went for some before bedtime ice cream 🙂

That night Branden’s parents drove in from Wyoming.  They stayed the night and took the boys back up with them in the morning, so Branden and I could have a few days together 🙂  Thank you!!
First things first, we went zip lining!
 Um, please let me wear that helmet and look that cool all the time!
 Flying through the air at 45 mph was pretty fun!
We hit Elitches the next day.  Here’s us about to get our minds erased!
 Pretty ferris wheel.  I’d never been on one before and it actually made me kinda sick 🙁  I kept thinking, “Seriously, sick on the ferris wheel?  Isn’t that supposed to be the easiest ride ever?”
 You know when you’re young and you stay at an amusement park all day and your parents have to drag you out while you whine about how many more rides you NEED to go on?  Um, yeah, apparently we’re not that young anymore.  After about 4 hours Branden said, “I don’t think I can do anymore.”  We had fun, but I totally agreed.
Breakfast the next day…no spills, no whining, no feeding little boys who don’t want to eat.  Just breakfast with the Mister…ahh, sweetness 🙂
Okay, there’s a gap in pictures, but the next couple of days we went on a shopping spree!  I’d saved for a good little while so we could just go and get some new clothes (since we’re both still sporting some things from our high school days…um, yeah…it was time)  Shopping isn’t Branden’s favorite (what, I am completely suprised!! 🙂  And it’s actually not mine either, since I have a hard time spending money on myself, but we really did have a good time!
After the first shopping day we ate at Texas de Brazil (aka the Meat Haven) and the next night we ate sushi (our favorite!!)
The last night we got to stay in a hotel (Branden planned this part…it was super nice 🙂 and we went to eat at Snooze, an amazing breakfast eatery, the next morning!  This place is good, like people wait in the sun for 2 hours to get in good!  And somehow our order got lost in the kitchen and was a little late, so we got it for free!  Always good!
I had the sticky bun french toast which takes exactly like it sounds 🙂
Branden had a giant burrito smothered in salsa…and I do mean giant!

From there we went to take some pictures.  I’ve been wanting to take some pictures of Branden for a while, and I actually needed one of myself for a new project I’m doing.  And of course we did a couple of ourselves together!  Yeah, my camera bag makes a sweet tripod 🙂  I’ll post some soon!
Okay folks, that’s it!  We had an amazing time off the grid!  Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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