snow day

hi friends!  sorry for my absence last week.  the boys and i went to california with my parents – pics to come later 🙂

in other news…look at this face…ridiculous cuteness!!  i know he’s mine, but seriously, he couldn’t be any more adorable right?  i just wanna squeeze his little face!

okay, everyone ready to move on? okay…if you’re anywhere close to the denver area you know that this weekend we got SNOW!!  so, after about a day and a half, with two feet of fresh powdery wonderfulness on the ground, it was time to dig ourselves out!

i bought this little snow shovel at a garage sale last summer for a quarter – woo hoo!  (i always cheer for a good deal 🙂  it’s perfect for the boys – small, lightweight, and plastic instead of a chunk of sharp metal.  they like being out there with branden and “helping” 🙂

we seriously had so much snow!  after all the shoveling, the boys went to town digging and diving and throwing snow, but not before some back breaking labor.  look at this kid using proper snow shoveling technique – bend at the knees!

afterwards we went inside for a good nap.  did i mention how much we love colorado? 🙂

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