we like weapons and robots and forts

The dust hasn’t settled in the Treu house yet; it still feels like Christmas around here!  It’s probably because Branden is off of work for the week (sweet!).  It’s like we went into the weekend to celebrate and haven’t stopped playing since!  I hope your Christmas was (and maybe still is!) just as sweet!  I wanted to share some pics from our time at home.  This has been one of the best Christmases yet!

There was a time when I was that mom who absolutely under no circumstances would let her boys play weapons – no guns, swords, don’t even point your finger at me the wrong way!  Um…let’s just say i very quickly lost that battle.  As with all things, I am learning to teach my kids appropriateness and self control.  So, without further ado, i present the Christmas of boyhood…weapons and robots and forts – oh my!

Marshmallow shooters I scored at a thrift store for 50 cents a piece, and there were two!  Two shooters plus a bag of marshmallows (that of course I already had!) and I’m the best mom ever!

We have a tradition in our home; we didn’t start it with the intention of making it into a tradition, but it stuck and I’m glad!  For the last three years, mostly out of necessity, we’ve given the boys handmade gifts.  This year Branden went all out!  Here are the wooden fighting knives he made for the baby (that just sounds wrong I think!)  Ethan LOVES them!

Seriously, look at that face!  Watch out bad guys!

I just realized I must apologize for the way my home looks..  The hubs is home; there’s just better things to do than stress about a pristine house right now 🙂

A few weeks ago, we took the boys to the store and gave them a little money to buy each other and us presents to put under the tree.  This is what Ethan got for his big brother.  What?!  A robot that’s also a bug?  Awesome!!

Silas’ really liked it 🙂

Branden made Silas a shield to go with the sword he made him for his birthday!  Apparently, sword + shield = instant warrior!

Silas put this airplane in my stocking weeks ago.  He didn’t take it out to play with it.  He even got frustrated when Ethan found it one day and took it out.  He wanted to make sure I got it on Christmas morning 🙂  He also made me this shooter out of his favorite blocks and hid it under the tree.  I know they really aren’t much, but to him, he was giving his best and that makes my heart happy 🙂

Speaking of making me happy, check out what the hubs put together fin his workshop for me!  This picture frame is HUGE and the photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s BEAUTIFUL!  I can’t wait to paint it and hang it up!

Of course no Christmas is complete without building a fort 🙂  We put together a fort building kit for the boys this Christmas (tutorial to come soon!)  We put it up, played, read some books and took a family nap…my kind of Christmas!

Well, I hope your holiday season has been as awesome as ours so far!  We’ve got a few days left to enjoy the hubs!  Until next post, be blessed!

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