a year in the life of ethan

a year in the life of ethan

Today Ethan crosses over the threshold from babyville to boyhood! (a moment of silence please as I cry to myself :(

So, I thought I’d share some of our favorite pics of our little man over the last year!  He’s so big now!  Be advised, I took a lot of phone pics (thank you Instagram :)

This is a real camera picture (or two!)  Ethan eating a cupcake at his last birthday party.  Look at that baby face!

The cool kids :)

This picture was taken last summer (a little late) in what was supposed to be his “official” birthday pictures.  I love this face!

Um…potty training.  What can I say, but that I’m glad we checked that off the list this year!

First real airplane ride!

These are from our painting family photo shoot last October – seriously one of my favorite session ideas!  So glad we did these!

Hard at work :)

Happy smile and gigantic feet!

And this is from a few weeks ago.  Isn’t he so big?!  How did that happen exactly?

So, today our little man turns four :)  Ethan is seriously the funniest kid I know, hands down!  He is a great helper, has a crazy big imagination, and loves pretending to be a ninja all day long, every day!  He can be very sweet and sometimes sour; he likes to dance and sing and tell jokes that aren’t really jokes (which actually makes them funny :)  We love him madly and I can’t imagine our little family without him!  Happy birthday Ethan!

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