i’m taking a class

I started taking an online photography class this week 🙂  It’s the first one I’ve taken in a decade!  Man, I’m getting old :/

It’s been really cool so far; everyday there’s new information to chew on.  And since it’s online, everyone taking the class (I think all ladies) can encourage and critique each other, which is really cool but also a little intimidating!

This week we were supposed to do an assignment on lighting, exploring how manipulating the same light can create different moods in images.  Lately I’ve realized that I seldom purposefully ask Silas to be my subject.  It actually made me kind of sad to think I’ve been sort of neglecting him :/  He’s always willing to pose for me, but he’s getting older and capturing a natural looking expression is getting harder.

So, thinking through what I wanted to do for the lighting assignment, I asked for his help.  By the end of it, he was asking to be done so he could go play, but he stuck it out and I’m really happy we spent that little bit of time together, and that I have these sweet images of him 🙂

I think the image above fits the mood of this lighting the best, but I love these too 🙂

See, a real smile!  I love his slightly chipped tooth here 🙂  Someday those little pearls will fall out and his smile will change, and I’ll be happy we took this picture.

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