You know there are those times when you have to pull yourself out of the pity party muck, dig way down deep, and try to find something to be thankful for.  Well, this isn’t one of those times.  We are truly, overabundantly, without a doubt blessed 🙂

Last night we took the boys to Walmart, a place we often go.  But last night was different.  The police department in our city has a program where they take a few kids each year and pair them up with a police officer who takes them shopping!  This year, the boys got to participate; it was awesome!

We got to Walmart, checked in, met our officers and took the kids on a shopping spree!  We had been kind of prepping them for a couple of days, asking them what they would do if they had some money to spend on their brother.  We pulled them aside individually and talked about what their brother might like or how they’d react opening this present or that one.  The boys genuinely love getting things for each other, so they were pumped!  And sneaking around keeping surprises from each other just makes it better 🙂

So, carts and cops in tow, we split up (Branden with one kid and me with the other) and we went shopping!  I will say that Branden and I had kind of “helped” with some suggestions, because well, let’s face it, a four year old needs guidance.  But they did just get to pick out some things they knew the other would really like.  It’s awesome to see them excited about giving to others, genuinely happy considering someone other than themselves.

So I took a couple phone pics during our time.  I don’t know if I’m the only one, but seriously, my kids are the WORST at taking pictures 🙁  For reals, it’s like they lose control of their facial muscles!  Don’t believe me?  You be the judge.  I give you Exhibit A:

Okay, seriously, that last one of Silas is hilarious, but c’mon!

And why does it look like this nice police officer is holding my children hostage?  She’s clearly very sweet.

And this is my favorite.  Really Ethan?  REALLY?!?

Anyways, other than forever capturing all of that picture taking, memory making goodness in some fantastic shots, we really did have a blast and were super blessed!  I can’t wait to watch them open each others’ presents next week!

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