i’d be in trouble

I like having boys.  I grew up in a house full of girls (me and my two little sisters, plus my mom.  Even our dog was a girl!  My poor dad 🙁  I know all about girly drama (not from myself, of course 🙂  So I like the lower level of dramatics we have going on at our house.  With our two boys, most days are spent playing ninjas and deciding who gets which weapon!

Over the weekend, we got to visit with some sweet friends – friends with a little girl.  Like I said, I’m good with boys.  They’re rough and noisy and they like to get dirty.  These things I can handle.  But girls?  They’re dainty and precious and full of feelings!  And, they have clothes.  If Jesus ever gave us a girl, we’d probably stop buying groceries because I’d need to get all the cute outfits!  Skirts and ruffly tops, shoes and accessories!  Seriously, we’d be eating Ramen, but she’d be adorable!

This little girl was wearing a turquoise ruffle skirt over splatter paint tights!  Um yeah, I’d definitely be in trouble.

She wasn’t super interested in having her picture taken 🙂

And this is what her baby brother was doing inside while we played.  Okay, he’s equally adorable 🙂

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