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Hello friends!  I’m really excited to share some news with you!  For the last twelve years I have owned and operated Treu Image Photography, a custom portrait studio.  There have been many seasons, lots of growing, meeting some awesome families!  And today we are branching out, stepping into a whole new area – the world of photography curriculum!

A couple years ago (about the same time the Lord had us start homeschooling) I started putting together intro to photography workshops for adults.  As I was getting material together, I began to get some inquiries from homeschooling parents of high schoolers, wondering if I would put some lessons together for their kids.  I wasn’t able to do it then, but teaching young people about cameras and this field of visual arts that I love so much, well…it definitely was something I wanted to do!

Slowly but surely, I began to write, and shoot, and write, and shoot, and write some more!  And today, I’m very excited to say that Treu Image Photography has a teaching branch – The Foto Finch!  If you’ve followed this blog for very long, you might recognize that name from the workshops and even some posts from a while back.  But with this new step, The Foto Finch has become so much more!

Right now, we are offering two photography courses, each written for middle to high school age students and designed to take about one school year to complete (depending on the student’s pace).  Each class is offered in pdf format and is full of photography lessons and step by step shooting assignments to help students understand the concepts and put them into practice behind the camera!  Here’s a short description of each course:

Shooting In Manual teaches students how to use their camera (dslr) to its fullest potential.  They’ll learn to adjust and use their settings (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) to create the images they want!  There are 11 photography lessons and 30 shooting assignments!

The Composition & Photojournalism course can be used with any camera – point and shoot, dslr, even a phone camera really!  It’s all about composing your shots in ways that are visually interesting and capturing the story in your images!  This course has 16 photography lessons and 30 step by step shooting assignments!

So those are the courses!  I’m super excited because today (and Friday and Saturday) I’ll be exhibiting with the curriculum at the Rocky Mountain Super Conference, a homeschooling convention put on by the Christian Home Educators of Colorado!  In fact, as you’re reading this, I’m probably setting up the booth or talking with parents or showing someone something on a camera!  I’m praying that the Lord totally blesses this new step.  It’s really cool to think about teaching young people about capturing their stories through photography!

Okay, please please please visit the new website at (exciting!!)  I’m so proud of it (and owe a huge THANK YOU! to our friend Ryan who did so much to put it together!  Thanks Ryan!!)  And if you are by chance interested in ordering one or both of the courses, I’m offering a $10 off discount right now with the code CHEC2014 (good until the 21st)!  If you do order it, I’d love to hear what you think!  And please feel free to share, post, pin, and celebrate with me in this new venture!  Thanks for all the support 🙂  You guys are the best!

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