3 / 52 – it’s the board games

This is my Dad y’all.  He’s awesome and funny and works really hard.  And this is him, laughing at my demise as I lose another round of Monopoly (because I’ve never won a round in my life!)  See, we’ve starting playing board games in our house.  Well, it’s my parents’ house and we occupy the basement with thankful hearts – thankful for family and this season together before our little crew heads to the mission field.  And it’s the board games, the meals, the conversations and being together that makes life right now so sweet 🙂  Sure, there are challenges, because we’re people.  But the Lord is teaching us what it means to trust Him, and about grace and being flexible and what it means to serve, and in it all, I’m learning to slow down the days, put the to do list up, and take time to lose at Monopoly 🙂


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