6 / 52 – Party Crasher

Before I get into this week’s post, did you guys see the blog changes?!  I’m super stoked about them!!  As we prepare to head to Ireland, we knew we needed a way to communicate/share/document all that the Lord is doing.  So, we remade this here blog into our family missions site!  I love the new look – colors and pictures and the avatar header (seriously, we’re a little avatar family!)  And I’m excited to see how Jesus will fill these posts with His faithfulness and adventures!  Please feel free to look around, share, drop us an email, and come back and visit!


Okay, now week 6 of 52…

This guy.  Party crasher.


I get a phone call last Friday night.  Branden was at a friend’s birthday party.  A Nerf war party.  For those unaware of what that entails – men, running with large Nerf weapons in the dark, shooting each other.  Good, clean, safe fun, right?  Apparently, not safe with this man.  He went through a window!

Yup.  While chasing a member of the opposing team, running in the dark, he busted through a glass wall!  Over the phone he started with, “Don’t panic, but…”  Yeah, not a sequence of words that you’re allowed to begin with.  Then I believe the word “scratches” was used.  Which of course was confusing because sometimes I get a scratch and I NEVER go to the emergency room!

Three staples to the head, 2 stitches to close the laceration on his forearm, 1 broken finger with another 8 stitches to sort of put it back together.


And here he is, laughing with the medical staff at midnight while getting his finger X-rayed!  He brings that smile everywhere 🙂  And I’m honestly so thankful!  Thankful for friends that are there to help and serve, for emergency rooms and the kind people that deal with Nerf was incidents, and most of all that Jesus was on the job, taking care of my husband.  The accident truly could have been so much worst.  A wall of glass!  That could have ended with some life threatening injuries.


Thankful for this Party Crasher and all he means to me.

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