10 / 52 – Time

I want to be that mom, you know – “That Mom.”  The mom who is always calm, truly enjoys her family, keeps a clean house, makes amazing use of her time, wakes up early, eats clean and works out, is a great host and a true friend, isn’t critical, always has something encouraging and wise to say.  Most days I feel like I fall really short.  Other days I think, “I need to stop comparing myself to other moms!”  On rare occasions I can be sober minded, look to Jesus and see both the things I lack and who I am in the Lord.  And there is grace.

In all the busyness of this season (and life in general!), it’s easy for me to forget the high calling of ministry right in front of me.  Yes things NEED to get done.  And they will.  But some things can be lost and never recovered.  Things like time.

This last Christmas, Branden and I did something new.  Maybe you do this with your kiddos already. We gave the boys each a few envelopes.  They get to open one at the beginning of each month.  Inside is a “Date Card” with options for them to choose – which parent to go on a date with, an activity, and a treat.  Each envelope also has a $10 bill inside.  They create the date, and we spend an afternoon with some intentional, one on one time.

Ethan took me to McDonalds to play a few rounds of chess.  I know, not a very clean meal, but the company, and the lighting was perfect 🙂

IMG_1963 IMG_1966 IMG_1969 IMG_1974

Time.  Sometimes I forget that it’s measured, that we don’t have an indefinite amount of it.  I pray that in the Lord, I’d spend it wisely.

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