25 / 52 – Too Big

I’ve had several people lately, tell me how big Silas is looking.  That he’s growing out of his little kid features, looking more like a teenager.  “Sure,” I thought.  “He’s growing.  But ‘teenager?'”  I’m not sure about that.  Then as I was going through my phone pictures the other day, I saw this one I snapped of him at nap time.  Um…why does my eight year old look like a teenager?!?!


Okay, not like an actual teenager yet (he was actually holding a little toy that I’d crocheted for him during this nap.  I removed it because it was positioned funky).  But for reals!  Look at his arms.  Like there’s some muscle definition going on.  And his face!  I can almost see facial hair on it right now!

Speaking of hair, this kid has a lot of it!


I guess when both your parents have crazy thick hair, it’s bound to happen.  Although, it may have something to do with the fact that we shaved this boy’s head five times before his first birthday.  Back then his locks resembled Golem from the Lord of the Rings.  Yikes!  Not anymore 🙂


I guess babies grow.  That’s just what happens if you keep feeding them!  And right now this kid can out eat me at every meal!  He’s an eight year old boy, so sometimes he’s careless and annoying (his brothers words.  And mine sometimes.) and some days he pushes the boundaries.  But he’s also sensitive and independent, willing to try just about anything, great with babies, kind, and has a heart to serve.  He’s in a funny stage I guess.  Still holds my hand and wants to cuddle, but eats all his food and then mine.  He’s pretty fun to be around almost all of the time, and I’m thankful we get to be the ones watching him get muscle-ly arms 🙂


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