the biggest airplane

Yesterday morning the boys came into our room (Branden was getting ready for work; I was still sleeping 🙂 They had little toy airplanes in hand.  They crawled into our bed and played for a few minutes like they usually do first thing in the morning.  Then Branden ushered them out of the room to go downstairs.  He shut the door behind him and I heard Silas protest.  He wanted to give me something but I couldn’t make out exactly what he was saying.  He argued with Branden for a minute.  He was adamant about whatever it was.

A few minutes later Branden came back into the room with a model airplane they had built a few weeks ago.  It was probably three or four times the size of the planes they had been playing with.  “Here,” Branden said, “Silas wanted me to give this to you.”

I got out of bed and went downstairs.  “Did Daddy give you the airplane?” Silas asked.

“Yes, thank you.”  He climbed into my lap.

“It’s for you, because you’re so sweet and for all the things you do for us.  I wanted to bless you with the biggest airplane.”

I smiled and hugged him.  “Thanks buddy.”

I’ll admit, there are some days where life at home with a strong willed, independent, too smart for his own good, four year old can be pretty challenging.  Today was not one of those days.

I don’t know where he heard the phrase “I want to bless you.”  I thought for a minute that he was just picking up some Christianese, but you know what?  He used it the right way, and he meant what he said.  He really did bless me today 🙂

When Silas saw me taking a picture of the airplane, he wanted one of his Zhu Zhu pet, Blackie, next to it 🙂

I’m wondering if some of that sweetness will filter down to this guy.

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