pirate day – part 2

hello lovely friends!  hope you guys had a great weekend!  so here is the second half of our pirate day adventure, but first, do you guys like the new header on the blog?  i started out wanting to make a business site with a glimpse here and there of our family life, but i soon realized it’s more of a family site with a touch of business!  so stay tuned for a few more changes here and there; thanks for your patience with the construction 🙂

okay, fist a tutorial for making eye patches for your little pirates!  they’re pretty simple; you’ll need: a pair of scissors, an x-acto knife or something with a sharp tip, black craft foam, and some thin elastic cording (i got mine in the jewelry section at walmart)

okay, first cut a 2″x2″ square out of craft foam and use scissors to round out the bottom edges.

use your x-acto knife to poke a small hole into each of the top corners or the rounded square.

next, string a length of the cording through the holes, stretch around your little pirate’s head and tie a knot with the ends.  see, easy peasy right?

decked out in our hats, hooks, and eye patches, we went on a treasure hunt!  i wrote a series of clues on the blank sides of index cards that lead from one place to another in our house.  they went from their bedroom to the front door to the fridge to the coat closet, then finally down to the crawlspace where we have an actual treasure chest that i filled with some goodies 🙂

ethan is sad about not getting to go down to the crawlspace first.  silly batman 🙂  i personally am not a fan of the crawlspace…you know, spiders, dirt, maybe snakes…no thank you!

it didn’t take them long to find the treasure 🙂  they would have been happy if we had just handed them the teats, but following clues and finding a treasure made things even sweeter!

alrighty friends, that’s it for our pirate adventure!  enjoy dressing your own little swashbucklers!

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