there’s a bug in my house

there’s a bug in my house.  but don’t worry, it’s not the creepy crawly kind 🙂  the boys call them battle bugs, but they are really called hex bugs.  we got silas one for christmas and they’re actually pretty fun!

it’s a small robot (of course 🙂 battery powered bug!  who doesn’t want one of those?

you turn it on and it crawls super fast (by vibrating).  the boys have been putting it on every hard, smooth surface they can.  then they discovered that if they found something with a lip (like a baking pan or plastic tote lid) the bug would run in circles by itself, bumping into the walls 🙂

just another amazing robot toy in the treu house!  not bad for $6!

by the way, i’m trying to grow ethan’s hair out.  he’s got his own style 🙂

happy wednesday ya’ll! (that’s the texas in me talking 🙂

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