he brought out the box

so branden pulled out a big box of his toys last week.  anyone else have a hubby with his own collection of g.i.joes, xmen, and comic book super heros?  anyone?  well, he brought the box up out of the crawl space and decided to let the boys have a free for all.  um…let’s just say that it’s been like christmas around here!

storm troopers and army men.  why do all boys’ toys have weapons?

army men graveyard

ethan had his own thing going on.  our living room is where super heros and mutants can stand together.  (why do i know the difference between those two?!)  are you wondering why ethan has a wooden sword stuffed into the back of his shirt?  it’s because he’s snake eyes.  you didn’t know?

i will always love that i have boys.  all three of them 🙂

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