i’m gonna miss her

i’m gonna miss her

there are a couple of girls i’d like to introduce you to.  meet robin and priscilla – my little sisters (though we’re all pretty much the same height now :)  fun family fact: they’re both engaged :)  do you like our ad for eyewear?

it was fun, we got to be there the night robin got engaged :)  doesn’t she look happy?

the other day, the littlest munchkin and i spent the day with her.  it started with the big boy going to work with Daddy.  back pack, toys, and milk jug in hand, he was ready to be a big helper :)

robin took us to her favorite breakfast place, the original pancake house where we had her favorite pancakes – chocolate chip pecan – yum!  notice the plate of giant bacon on the side?

after one or two other stops, we spent a couple hours at a bridal shop.  isn’t she pretty?

i kept the munchkin occupied with a couple of milkshakes.  and yes, he pretty much drank them both!

it was a good day :)  and we drank it up (see how i cleverly transitioned from the last picture there?  slick right?)  robin’s moving to california; it’s gonna be different with her so far away.  we’ll be missing her here.  it will make the days we do get to spend with her even sweeter :)


  1. Mike Holder says

    Love the last pic, kind of a Norman Rockwell thing going on there. Also since she’s moving to Cali you guys might as well get back to TX:)

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