senior season

hello sweet people 🙂  enjoying your monday?  it’s june – the beginning of summer – yay!!  i’ve always loved summer, probably because it’s warm 🙂  growing up, the summer months meant no school, sleeping in, the freedom to do what you wanted with your days and stay up late at night!  wow, those days are a thing of the past (though i still stay up late!)  the summer for me also means senior season!  most high school seniors get their senior pics done the summer before that last year, so this is the time!

j is a senior i got to photograph last season.  recently i got to edit a few more of her images and thought i’d share them with you!

j wanted an urban setting for her pics – building and streets and colorful walls!

if you happen to know any seniors that need pictures this summer, please send them my way!  i’d love to help capture this time in their life – the closing of their high school days and the beginning of endless possibilities!

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