roller blading

We went with some friends to a roller skating rink the other day.  Man, I hadn’t been to one in sooo long!  We’re not really skaters (roller or otherwise 🙂  We’re kind of accident prone people, so putting wheels on our feet and falling sliding around on a slippery floor with a bunch of kids whizzing by isn’t really our thing.  Needless to say, it was the boys’ first time at a rink.

They were excited the second we got there – pumping music, dancing lights, the arcade and super expensive, low quality food – oh, to be in junior high again!

We put roller blades on their feet and walked them out onto the floor.  Ethan was crying out of frustration within the first 20 seconds.  Yeah, he’s a quitter.  I mean, it’s roller blading, not school right?

Silas went around for like 50 rounds holding onto someone, then decided to try going solo.  He had a few falls, but got right back up; he actually did great!  That’s right son, use some of that athletic ability you clearly didn’t get from your mother!

So, maybe the summer will hold a few more trips to the skating rink.  If Ethan can get his act together, that is 🙂

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